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Seth Tarachand Ramnath Charitable Ayurvedic Hospital Trust

IPD Wards With 222 beds

OPD Building

Special Mention

Female patients constitute 61% percent of our patient community. The Result: It was found that our charges are around 12% of the charges in the other hospital.

Seth Tarachand Ramnath Charitable Ayurvedic Hospital Trust (E - 8)

592, Rasta Peth, Vd. Nanal Shastri Path, Pune-411011
Ph. 020-26050451 *

Brief History of The Hospital Trust

The early decades of fight for freedom in the twentieth century saw the emergence of Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal (RSM), a voluntary organization to propagate the ideals of Lokmanya Tilak who propagated in his daily newspaper ‘Kesari’, the need of ayurvedic medicine therapy for people of India.
The hospital was established in 1926 to promote Ayurvedic treatment which was being neglected due to other medical treatments. A strong support by donation of Rs. 50,000/- by the family of Philanthropist Rao Bahadur Hanmantram Rathi and Rastriya Shikshan Mandal (RSM), laid the foundation of this Hospital. Also, the then Pune Municipality also decided to give a spacious land of 3.5 acres for the hospital and agreed to be a partner in its management.
Today, after 95 years, the third generation of Rao Bahadur Hanumantram Rathi, are working hand in hand with RSM and the Pune Municipal Corporation to make Seth Tarachand Ramnath Charitable Ayurvedic Hospital, as one of the leading charitable hospitals in Pune for the treatment of downtrodden strata of the society. Some of the largest slums of the city are in the near vicinity of the hospital, most of the patients are from this area, it is the endeavour of the hospital to provide them with the best medical care and treatment.
Keeping in view our commitment to serve the poor, since the establishment of the hospital, we have received generous support from citizens of Pune city and other establishments and organizations. Eminent medical professionals of Ayurveda and Allopathy regularly visit the hospital and treat the patients without any financial considerations and render their services purely honorarily. It is due to their dedication and commitment that the hospital is able to serve the needy people. All the patients in the OPD, or in the admitted wards, or in the operation theaters are treated at very minimal fees.
Hospital has a capacity of 222 beds. For general ward daily bed charges are Rs. 80/- only. Breakfast and lunch is provided free of charge with the help of Social Organisations like Brahmi Seva Sangha and Manav Seva Trust.
The management is thriving for the modernization and upgradation of the infrastructure. In the last few years a New OPD Building, renovated IPD Building, NICU, state of art Operation Theatres, Dialysis Centre and Generic Medical Store have been set up for people who cannot afford costly treatments.

Aims & Objects of The Trust

a) The main object of the Hospital is to give Ayurvedic Medicines and treatment to the poor and needy persons at the same time if necessary treatment to the patients is given by following other systems of medicine viz. Allopathy.
b) The Hospital is the teaching hospital for the students of Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya and provides practical training to them
c) To make comparative study of Ayurved and conduct research.
d) To provide holistic treatment to the poor and needy including free or subsidized food and bear cost of medicines for patients for the extremely poor.

The Hospital Has An OPD Complex Consisting of 24 Different OPDS

Sr.No Name
01 Kayachikitsa (Medicine) OPD conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
02 Shalya (Surgery) conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
03 Shalakya (ENT) conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
04 Shalakya Netra (Ophthalmology) conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
05 Dental conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
06 Panchkarma conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
07 Stree Rog Prasuti Tantra (Gynaecology) conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
08 Swasthya Rakshan and Yoga
09 Dressing section conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
10 Balrog (Pediatric) conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
11 Yoga conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
12 Rognidan (Pathology) conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
13 Radiology conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
14 Sonography conducted daily from Monday to Saturday
15 D.O.T. OPD is conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
16 Modern Medicine OPD is conducted on Monday, Wednesday & Friday
17 Physiotherapy OPD is conducted from Monday to Friday
18 Casualty is conducted daily from Monday to Saturday after 1 p.m.
19 Manasrog OPD is conducted on Tuesday, Thursday
20 Hrudroga OPD is conducted on Friday
21 Twacharog /Skin OPD is conducted on Saturday
22 Bronchial Asthama OPD
23 Diabetes OPD
24 Rheumatology OPD
The Indoor facilities are as follows:
Kayachikitsa Dept.: Patients suffering from hemiplegia, paraplegia, chronic diseases like Sandhigata vata, Asthama, Hrudroga, Fever are treated in this ward. Fresh dicoctions, lepa therapy, Nebulisation are given to the patients along with Ayurvedic Medicines.
Panchkarma Dept.: Yearly approximately 75000 panchakarmas are performed. The charges are less than 10% of the routine charges. Massage, fomentation and 5 therapies viz. Vaman, virechana, raktamokshana, nasya and varieties of medicated enemas are given to the patients. The hospital has Panchkarma treatment facility both for in-patient wards as well as for OPD.
Shalya Dept.: In this ward, surgical patients are treated. For fistula ksharasutra therapy is performed. Agnikarma (Dahakarma) is also the specialized Ayurvedic treatment for calcaneal spur, Backache, sciatica. All operations except brain and heart surgery are performed. Charges are not even 10% of the routine charges. Chemotherapy is also given to the patients. Orthopedics, urology, and oncho surgery are the specialities of our hospital. The bill of major surgery doesn’t exceed Rs. 6000/-
Shalakya Dept.: ENT & Ophthalmological patients are treated here. Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Ear Surgery, Nose Surgery, Ophthalmological surgeries like Intraocular lens implant, Dacryocystectomy, Chalazion etc. are done in this department. Cataract surgery is done free of charge and other surgeries are done at minimal charges.
Streerog Prasutitantra Dept.: Here deliveries, cesarean section, MTP, Hysterectomy, Family Planning operations are done at minimal cost. Deliveries are charged only Rs. 1000/- and caesarian is charged only Rs. 2500/-. Family planning operations Tubectomy and vasectomy are done free of cost. Garbhasamskara Kendra is run to provide good antenatal care to women from all strata of the society. Also there is an HIV counseling center run for the benefit of the patients.
Balrog Dept.: New born babies, children below 16 years are taken care. This department also has a Neonatal ICU where warmers, incubators, ventilators and phototherapy units are available to treat newborn critical care babies. NICU set up is established by Rotary Club, Kothrud and daily care is available at affordable cost. Dept. also run Suvarnabindu Prashan programme since 2011 in which babies of age 0-5 years are given medicated gold drops to increase immunity and intelligence. Every month this is done on “Pushya Nakshatra ”. 250 babies receive gold drops every month.
Yoga & Swasthya Rakshan Dept.: Is providing therapeutic Yoga and Pranayama. Yogasana classes are conducted daily. Lifestyle consultation based on Ayurved principles is given to the persons attending the OPD.
Rognidana Pathology Dept.: Is conducting all routine pathological tests at affordable rates. Sonography, Radiology (X-ray) and Mammography facilities are also available.
Gynecology An entire floor dedicated to female patients, 2 operation theaters + 1 labor room are well equipped. All OTs have central air conditioning and central Oxygen and N2O gas pipelines.

The Lokmanya Tilak Operation Theatre Complex
Comprises of 4 operation theaters
1) Specialized surgery
2) General Surgery,
3) ENT surgery
4) Ophthalmic surgery.
The modern OT Complex is equipped to handle all the operations except brain and heart surgery

The Department of Medicine Has facilities to treat patients with Ayurved. Emergency and critical care patients are monitored and treated with Allopathy. ECG, nebulization facilities are available.
The Department of Physiotherapy Recently started, the physiotherapy Deptt. has trained staff and modern gadgets for physiotherapy services. A large number of senior citizens visit the Dept. for treatment.
Dental Department With the donation of Rotary Club Ganeshkhind, this.Department was established and now dental surgeons are available. Routine dental checkup, root canal therapy, cosmetic dentistry and denture treatment is done.
The Hospital Trust is running a Generic Medical Store where best quality generic medicines are sold at cheaper rates.
The Hospital Trust is also running a Dialysis Unit, where 11 dialysis machines are installed. Charges for Haemodialysis are Rs. 410/- only.
All the guidelines laid by the Charity Commissioner, Pune are followed and every needy patient is taken care of.

Team Tarachand

The Trustees

Gopal S. Rathi

Managing Trustee
Shri. Murlidhar Mohol
Mayor of Pune and Ex-Officio Trustee
Dr. Ramesh N. Gangal
(Represents Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal)
Shri. Hemant Rasne

Chairman, Standing Committee,
PMC & Ex-Officio Trustee

Dr. Girish Tillu

Nominee of the
Vice-Chancellor University of Pune

The Governing Council

  • Shri. Dattaji Gaikwad, Chairman
  • Shri. Narayanji Chandak, Vice Chairman
  • Dr. Rajendra Huparikar, Secretary
  • Dr. Nandkishore Borse, Treasurer
  • Dr. V.V. Doiphode, Member
  • Dr. B.G. Dhadphale, Member
  • Dr. Sanjay Gavane, Member
  • Dr. Sadanand Deshpande, Member
  • Shri.Vijay Ghanashyam Rathi, Member
  • Shri. Nikhil Govindlal Rathi, Member
  • Shri. Shrikant Soni, Member
  • Dr. Dileep Puranik, Invitee Member
  • Dr. R.N. Gangal, Invitee Member
  • Shri. Ratan Rathi, Invitee Member
  • Dr. Kalyani Bhat, Invitee Member
  • (Person Nominated by Director of Ayurved Maharashtra State)
  • Nominees of Pune Municipal Corporation:
  • Shri. Vanraj Suryakant Andekar, Corporator
  • Shri. Vishal Gorakh Dhanwade, Corporator
  • Sou. Laxmi Udaykant Aandekar, Corporator
  • Sou. Sulochana Tejendra Kondhare, Corporator

Background of the Hospital


In 1926 in the wake of the freedom movement.
In 1930 in the present form.


Registered charity with Joint Charity Commissioner, PUNE
Regn. No.: E-000008


1) Shri. Hanmantramji Rathi Family
2) Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal (RSM), Pune
3)Pune Municipality, Now PMC

Their Contribution

1) First two founders contributed Rs. Fifty Thousands each. (1930)
2) Pune Municipality donated 3.5 acres of land on 499 year’s lease. (1930)


Three Tier Arrangement
A) Board of Trustees numbering Five
B) Governing Council Members numbering – Sixteen
C) Management Committee (consisting of Heads of Depts.) Eleven
The hospital has a proud legacy of functioning under a diverse management consisting of professionals and social workers including Honourable Mayor and Honourable Chairman, Standing Committee, PMC, Pune, as Ex-officio Trustees.


1) Presently 85 doctors / vaidyas render free service
2) 43 BAMS Interns
3)  52 Post Graduate Doctors. They stay on hospital’s campus and are available for 24 hours x 7 days
4)  33 Nurses including 18 trainee nurses of Chetan Dattaji Gaikwad Nursing School run by our Trust.
5)  Other Staff: 63

Hospital’s Services

Hospital’s Mandate

The hospital’s mandate has been to serve the poor and needy patients free by Ayurvedic System as far as possible. This is being fully implemented.

Patients Choice

A patient has full choice to accept ayurvedic system or modern system to treat his ailment.
Nature of Services
Totally Free 1. Medical Treatment, Ayurvedic medicine and all surgeries. 2. Free food courtesy Manav Seva Trust. 3. Check up in the OPD Subsidised Cost Recovery Subsidised cost recovery is made towards use of infrastructure, staff cost, consumables, water, power, cleanliness, security etc. Medical Store Recently we have started Bharatiya Jan Aushadhi Kendra (Medical Store)
Subsidised Cost Recovery
Subsidised cost recovery is made towards use of infrastructure, staff cost, consumables, water, power, cleanliness, security etc.
Medical Stores
Recently we have started Bharatiya Jan Aushadhi Kendra (Medical Store)

Further relief to patients

Very very poor patients cannot afford purchasing costly medicines from the open market. In such cases hospitals buy these medicines for them. During 2019-20 a sum of Rs. 20 lacs is planned to be spent under a special fund. The Mahalaxmi Mandir Charities, Mumbai, Mumbadevi Mandir Charities, Mumbai and the Arvind Mafatlal Foundation are major contributors to the fund.

National Level Credentials

  • The Dept. of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi, recognized the hospital’s potential to be the “Model Institution”, and granted Rs. 5 crores for the development of the hospital and its teaching college, the Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya.
  • The Hospital receives annual grants from the Pune Municipal Corporation
  • Donations to our Trust are entitled for 50% tax exemption under Sec. 80(G) of the Income Tax.
  • The Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai empanelled the hospital for receiving funding from Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs)
  • The Tarachand Hospital and its associate teaching college Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya together, are a major center for postgraduate education in our state.
  • Rotary clubs in district 3131 along with Rotary International, are the hospital’s regular supporters.
  • We have been awarded by the Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra as the Best Charitable Hospital in the year 2017.
  • Also we have got NABH Accreditation. It’s like a feather in our cap.
  • Our Trust is registered under Foreign Contribution Registration Act (FCRA) with the Government of India, to receive donations and contributions from foreign donors.

Donor’s List

A) Major Donors

  • Government of India, Deptt. of AYUSH
  • Pune Municipal Corporation
  • LIC of India
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Lions Clubs

B) Foundations / Trust

  • Volkart Foundation, Mumbai,
  • Arvind Mafatlal Foundation, Mumbai,
  • Jindal Foundation, Bangalore.
  • Rasikseth Dhariwal Foundation
  • Friends Union for Energising Lives (FUEL)
  • Manav Seva Trust
  • Brahmi Seva Trust
  • Zeal Foundation
  • Malhotra Weikfield Foundation
  • Round Table India Trust
  • Mukund Bhavan Trust
  • Adar Poonawala Clean City
  • Initiative
  • Bharat Vikas Parishad
  • Mukul Madhav Trust (Finolex Group)
  • Krishnadevi Puranchand
  • Family Trust & Mantra Properties

  • Temple Trust
  • Mahalaxmi Mandir Charities, Mumbai
  • Mumbadevi Trust, Mumbai,
  • Siddhivinayak Mandir, Prabhadevi, Mumbai.

C) Corporates

  • Persistent Foundation.
  • Cybage Asha Foundation
  • Yardi Software India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Clean Science & Technology Ltd.
  • Dana India Tech. Centre Pvt. Ltd.
  • Randack Fasteners India
  • MCCI Group

D) Individuals

  • Tarachand Ramnath Group
  • Shri. Dattaji Gaikwad
  • Shri. Shivhariji Halan
  • Suyog Development Group
  • Goel Ganga Group
  • Desai Brothers
  • Bank of Maharashtra
  • IDBI Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Indian Bank

Our Rates

Our rates are very low, i.e. only to provide an element of cost recovery for infrastructure use, manpower use, and use of consumables. They are –
Sr.NoDepartment Fees
01 In-ward Patients a) Rs. 100/- a day for cost recovery of nursing, free lunch is served by Manav Seva Trust, Pune.
b) Medical service is included in the fee.
02 OPD Rs. 50/- for case paper & Rs. 100/- for Ayurvedic medicines for one week. Medical service is included in the fee.
03 Operations Major operation: Rs.10,000/- Minor Operations 15% of normal hospital charges.
04 Gynaecology Department Normal Delivery Rs. 1750/- Cesarean Rs. 5500/- Other procedures Rs. 350-550/-
05 Dental Treatment About 70% of the charges Payable in other hospital
06 NICU Services About 15% of the charges paid outside
07 Sonography, Mammography About 50% of the charges paid outside.

Some Representative Rates

Sr. No Service Our Rate (Rs.) Outside Rate (Rs.)
01Abhyanga-Massage (Per day) 50/-(average) 1000/- (average)
02NICU 3500-4000/- (per day) 15000/- - 25000/- (per day)
03Operation (average) 3000 30,000/- - 40,000/-
04Normal Delivery 1750/- 5000/- (and above)

Annual Activity Report for last 2 years

Sr.No. Procedures 2019-20 2020-21
1 Outdoor Patients 95549 49324
2 Indoor patients 13562 8391
3 Bed days occupied 46444 20576
4 Deliveries 493 332
5 Major Operation 3745 1780
6 Minor Operations 345 522
7 Pathology Investigations 97344 49554
8 X-Rays 7239 3269
9 Mammography 88 48
10 Sonography 2463 1200
11 Panchakarma 48965 11221
12 ECG 4445 2008
13 Dialysis Patients 7261 5424
14 Physiotherapy Patients 566 559
15 Medical Camps 57 05
16 Suvarnabindu Prashan 710 534
17 Wellness OPD 1648 1150
18 Dental Treatment 0 (Covid) 520
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