NCISM Website Requirements

NCISM Website Requirements

Tilak ayurved mahavidyalaya, Pune

NCISM Website requirements

  1. Details of Principal Medical Superintendent Dy. Superintendent
  2. Details of teaching Staff
  3. Details of the sanctioned intake UG, PG, PhD
  4. List of students admitted to UG and PG
  5. Research publications during the last one year
  6. Details CME Programmes Conference Conducted by the Institute
  7. Details of any awards and achievement received by the students or faculty
  8. Details of the affiliated University and its Vice-Chancellor and Registrars
  9. Result Information of Passed Out Student
  10. Detailed status of recognition of all courses
  11. Details of clinical material in the hospital

Useful links :

Programme Specific Outcomes” as follows –

  1. PSO -Sanskrit Samhita Siddhant Department
  2. PSO- Rachna-Sharir
  3. PSO – Kriya-Sharir.pdf
  4. PSO- Dravyaguna.pdf
  5. PSO – Rasashastra.pdf
  6. PSO- Rognidan-Vikriti Vidyan.pdf
  7. PSO- Swasthavritta and Yoga.pdf
  8. PSO-Agadtantra.pdf
  9. 9.PSO -Streerog Evm Prasutitantra.pdf
  10. PSO- Kaumarbhritya.pdf
  11. PSO – Kayachikitsa.pdf
  12. PSO- Shalyatantra.pdf
  13. PSO-Shalakyatantra.pdf
  14. PSO- Panchakarma.pdf
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