Avishkar Research Project competition is a state level competition organised at three levels
  1. Intra University level
  2. Intra University level
A total of 48 participants from each college can participate in the University level competition (affiliated university being Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik) in 6 categories at 4 levels with 2 participants allowed at each level.
Categories Levels
Humanities, Languages and Fine Arts Undergraduate Student
Commerce, Management and Law Postgraduate Student
Pure Sciences Post PG Student
Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Teacher
Engineering and Technology
Medicine and Pharmacy
Every year UG students, PG students and Teachers from Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Pune participate enthusiastically in the competitions and also bring back laurels to the college.
List of Projects Submitted for Avishkar 2019
Sr. No.Name of the ProjectLevel of the Participant Category Number
01To evaluate the effect of Arkaksheer on cornPost graduate06
02Preparation and evaluation of inhaler in Virechan karmaPost graduate06
03To clinically evaluate the effect of anti acne solutionPost graduate01
04Innovative tarpan drink to ensure immunity and energyPost graduate01
05Lifestyle and sleep disorders in young adultsPost graduate03
06Sidharthaka snana soap in mukha dushika Post graduate
07Nutritional candy for preschool and school age children.Post graduate
08Does presentation of violence , damage and loss of property Act 2010 need amendment ?Post graduate
09Development and evaluation of Ayurvedic mosquito repellent Teacher01
10Preparation of herbal dusting powder

11Association of weight according to Prakruti in Diabetes mellitus patientsTeacher03
12Development and analysis of herbal transdermal patch for depigmentationTeacher06
13Preparation and evaluation of herbal paper soapTeacher06
14In vivo study of efficacy of Saindhav pippali paste in common Krait venom in poisoning in albino mice.Teacher
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